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Onion Information.

High quality seed lines are a prerequisite to a good healthy onion crop with a vigour to produce the required high yield and bulb size which will ensure that the growing of onions remains viable.

Growing Crop
Our specialist onion growers are totally committed to producing quality onions throughout the year. Carefully planned crop rotation and highly developed seed varieties along with excellent soil types ensure that a product of the highest standards is grown in accordance with the best farming practice.

Modern harvesting techniques and equipment coupled with crop and field hygiene ensures product is harvested in prime condition.

Technical Support
As we continue to experience changes in food legislation and customer requirements, we believe that food safety and integrity are absolutely fundamental criteria when we source raw materials. It is our policy to ensure that we provide technical excellence for our customer base. All suppliers are required to be, or are working towards, a third party accreditation. UK sources are Assured Produce Certified and overseas sources are either accredited to or working towards EUREP GAP accreditation. It is our intention that all direct packing sources are also accredited. This shall be to the British Retail Consortium Standard either in the UK or overseas countries.

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